About us

Fantech is one of the world's fastest growing gear brands for gamers.
With a fan base in over 100 countries with over 5 million users, Fantech has built one of the most loyal followings in the world with a focus on quality.

Fantech also focuses on providing gaming products for gamers of all ages as well as esports through product sponsorship.

To date, Fantech has sponsored several e-sports teams in Southeast Asia as well as individual players in other countries around the world. The slogan "Gear Up and Win" was created to help gamers by supporting them throughout their gaming journey.

Fantech has over 20 offices worldwide and is a fast-growing brand for gamers in Southeast Asia, Oceania, South America, the Middle East and the US and Europe.


The Fantech logo in the form of wings symbolizes our desire to become a wing for players and to equip the players with our products. We wish our products to become a weapon for gamers that will help them win world-class games.

Fantech is the gamer lifestyle innovator.

Established in 2009, with the GEAR UP & WIN slogan. We are willing to support and innovate to bring the best gaming gear to players around the world. Designing our product as you need, our mission is to position ourselves as one of the best gaming equipment manufacturers and participate in the development of the world of national e-sports.Allow Fantech to arm you. Trust Fantech to outfit you and take you to the top of the world. We are ready to contribute to your gaming journey.


Fantech-The best gaming gear!




Fantech – Vladimir Markovic
Karl-Popper-Str. 16/113,
1100, Wien